Carole is an International Positive Psychology and Spiritual Coach. She is a Creative Wellbeing Consultant with a many years experience working with individuals, communities and organisations. Her work engages a broad and diverse client base, and integrates  creativity and practicality with achievable outcomes.


caole stagg As a recognised MBCT/SR facilitator Carole has now been included on the  BeMindful.co.uk website.Find out more about her and practice or contact her directly using the e-mail below.




Art of Positive are currently developing and piloting a  series of mindfulness based courses for the clients and staff of the Recovery College. 
 Mindfulness MBCT/SR courses are available for commissioning for organisations and individuals. If you are interested in courses, please get in touch.

Interested in attending a silent retreat day? We are planning a full day's guided retreat in January 2016.Please get in touch for more information.