carole stagg

Since 2012, I have been coaching clients in private practice via skype, in 1-1 sessions. Additionally I have been developing, piloting and coaching programs in the NHS, DWP and in Public, Private and voluntary sector settings. Yes, I was literally on prescription in the NHS. Even with Long- term health conditions, it's possible to improve your subjective wellbeing and live life a lot more.


I have worked with more than a thousand people, on all sorts of issues, assisting them to gain a fresh perspective, activate and motivate the changes that would lead them forward and away from the inertia of feeling stuck. As a behaviour and lifestyle change specialist, I work with you to identify your strengths and develop new habits and models that are sustainable over time.

As a Positive Psychologist, I aim to help you Feel Good, Function Well and Flourish in your life.


Do I get ever get stuck, low, negative? Yes, of course, I am human too, but thankfully never for too long as I have the tools and techniques at my finger tips . I am more than happy to work with you to create a life that is authentic where growing into your true sense of self feels liberating, exciting and fruitful.





Hi, great, you've landed here, so you might want to know a bit more about my journey or why I even have started this career.


I can't say I had an epiphany or any particular life- changing event that lead me to being a coach, it kind of unraveled in a very organic way. But, I certainly had to live a bit, struggle a lot and use my innate strengths, faith and bloody mindedness to push forward many a time along the way.


Without focusing too much on the distant past, all I can say is I survived childhood trauma to become a fairly lost, teen and young adult with no direction, a broken marriage and very poor mental health. But, I have always possessed a strong grit and determination and set about rebuilding my life. Oh and even when things are rock bottom, manifesting a strong sense of hope, that things will get better.


In my late 20's, with a clear focus, and a lot of work (no previous A levels) I was finally accepted at university to start a degree in textiles where I obtained a 1st class BA and my first child! Straight after, being successfully accepted into the Royal College of Art, I continued my studies, birthed my second child and left with an MA, pregnant with my third child and with a strong body of Fine Art work. I had no parents (mum died whilst I was at RCA) no money and I was a full time carer for my 3 kids and elderly Grandma!


I just kept going, what else could I do? Slowly I built up a career in Public and Community Arts, maintaining my own art practice, exhibiting in shows and juggling parenting with freelance work. I taught, devised and designed resources, authored toolkits, developed programs, facilitated groups, studied art therapy, and generally worked in a broad and varied spectrum of Arts in Health and Wellbeing. During this time, specializing in engagement and participation I worked on high profile projects nationally and gained over 25 years experience in this field.


It became clear (to me) that the art practice was an important and accessible tool for engagement, but that the real work was building trust and intuitive relationships to enable and facilitate the growth of individuals, groups, communities and populations. At this point, I went back to university, studied Positive Psychology (human flourishing and optimal functioning) and decided to dedicate my life's work to supporting others. I work to enable you to overcome limitations, face adversity and to authentically step into the potential you feel is, as yet, unexplored. To lead a satisfying and fulfilling life.





Other things you might like to know



I am a daily, cold water swimmer (I am/ or am I, becoming a fish?) After two long years of crippling sciatica, thinking I was never going to exercise again I recovered and decided to become a cold water swimmer. Originally starting in full neoprene regalia, I now wear no neoprene and am in my third year of training to complete an Ice Mile. Wish me luck.


After 40 years as a veggie I took the plunge five years ago to go fully plant based. God, that was easy!! I thought cheese would be my downfall.


My kind neighbour gave me his garden to use, so with a clever, steps and gate system, I have an allotment next door and try to eat as locally sourced as possible.


I love to Wild Camp and my first experience was in the Himalayas, in Ladakh, climbing to 5,400m. It was a very challenging trek (I swore a lot), myself and partner, alone with no guides, just a small book with directions. It was amazing but I haven't been back!


When I was fourteen, I started yoga after getting the 'Wake up to Yoga' by Lyn Marshall ,LP record and book for Xmas. Cut to 2020 and I am now an advanced yogini attending a regular teachers class. Practice really does pay off, whatever it is you are doing.


Speaking of records, I love vinyl and still have my original collection, which are the only possessions that actually moved around with me for years. I still purchase some great tunes from time to time to add to my DJ-ing sets and love creating journeys with music.


In contradiction, I am not a hoarder and prefer a 'less is more attitude' when it comes to 'stuff'.


Since 2014, in a voluntary capacity, I have been a Co-Director of The Remakery and remain active in all aspects of promoting the ethos and transformation. remakery.org.

An explorer, I have travelled fairly extensively, including back packing with my kids many times, around the globe. I really value these experiences as being crucial in my own development and education.


  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology - UEL

  • PG Dip Arts Therapy - Goldsmiths University

  • MA Fine Art - Royal College of Art

  • BA (Hons 1st Class) Textiles - Surrey University Creative Arts

  • MBCT/SR Oxford Mindfulness trained by NHS Trust, Cindy Cooper and Optimal Living

  • Registered mindfulness teacher with Mental Health Foundation bemindful.co.uk