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The Fabric of Life 2010

A 10 week course for women in collaboration with Larkhall childrens centre and the Larkhall Estate.


Aimed at isolated mothers and women experiencing low mood and depression. The course provided a skills base engagement through the weekly arts and textile techniques including appliqué, felting, stitching, and an opportunity to consider a conceptual outcome in the final stages of the course brief.


Embedded within the course was a programme for the women to explore more personal aspirations, strengths and goals which was fed into the more practical elements of the design and making for the final show. The women forged strong and binding relationships during the duration of the course and went on to become community champions in various capacities.



Guys and St Thomas Trust
Reasons to be Cheerful  2009/ 2010

Commissioned by GSTT, I created and designed a bespoke market barrow and set of wellbeing recipe cards that were implemented in a peripatetic arts based  intervention.This mobile creativity studio  toured through South London Hospitals and various  community events and organisations offering an opportunity for wide and diverse participation. to   Items were chosen from a plentiful selection of creative materials to create , gifts, reminders, messages and to raise awareness of the little things that give us a Reasons to be Cheerful.


Recipe for Loving Kindness print here (pdf) »


reasons to be cheerful projectreasons to be cheerful project