Young People

     Best Possible Self sessions.

Artofpositive have been commissioned to deliver creative sessions to 16-24 year olds from The Point Young people's hub in Greenwich.
Based on positive psychology theory and creative exploration, the sessions offer a space for personal developement, personal affirmation and clarity around goal setting.
  Participant feedback has shown that the impact of the sessions has been supportive in a variety of ways with many participants finding ways to pursue their future plans in a practical and empowered way.

                   " Reflecting on our own strengths, I got more out of 2 hours than I thought I would".
         " I did'nt know there was so much to me!" 

                    'Finding out about my strengths and getting more confident'.

           'There is more to getting a job than qualifications and experience.'

Figures released by the ONS indicated that 420,100 young people in the UK were classified as unemployed in December 2012.
Unemployment in all age groups can have an eroding and detrimental impact on physical, and mental wellbeing. Studies have confirmed that unemployed groups have significantly lower levels of psychological and physical well being that of employed groups (Wanberg 2001). Research has found that young people with higher levels of subjective wellbeing have higher levels of health overall (Huebner et al., 2004; Steinberg, 2004, 2005).
              Psychological or Subjective Well being has been defined as a broad construct that includes four specific components. Positive affect, negative affect, life satisfaction and situation satisfaction (Diener et al). It has been recognised that for many young people without work, there is a tendency towards increased negative affect with less opportunity to build more positive feelings into daily life.
There is growing concern that the long-term effects of unemployment have far reaching effects on the future orientation of young people with exposure to recession adversely affecting young people’s beliefs. Impact on motivation (Guiliano and Spilimbergo 2009), and a greater risk of negative feelings amongst unemployed such as shame, rejection, anxiety and depression can incur less confidence in the future compared to other young people, (The Princes Trust 2009). Suicidal thoughts are also more common among young unemployed than their counterparts (Blanchflower 2010).
    The Best possible self workshop is a bespoke intervention that slowly builds individual and group awareness. The session gently introduces psychological constructs such as strengths as traits, self-determining strategies and personal goal setting . The sessions involve the use of both literacy and visual aids to enable participants of all levels to engage and fully interact with the pace and expectations of the session aims.
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