A creative, scientific & holistic approach to change.


I work with an evidence based practice that uses a structured approach whilst remaining flexible enough to be tailored to your needs. Person focused and trauma informed, I have developed advanced listening skills and attention to detail, helping you see the wood for the trees.


I don't just talk the talk in coaching; I like to walk the walk, offering an experience led service. Pushing beyond my own self-limiting beliefs, I set my own targets in which I continue to push my mind, body and spirit.


Sessions are based on an initial scoping appointment with you to ascertain the current situation, any past or recent contributing issues and the future orientation of a balanced and holistic sense of self. We will focus on moving forward, rather than looking back and I will support you to choose and follow a direction that you perceive to be valuable, meaningful and achievable.


We will work over a set number of sessions to develop a bespoke stepped process together, with the aim of enabling you to improve your subjective wellbeing, achieve the lifestyle you want and the move towards autonomy.



The three pillars that support my practice



A body of knowledge and a process of discovery, science allows us to link isolated facts into coherent and comprehensive understanding.


Positive Psychology Coaching is a scientifically rooted approach and my methodology and applied practice, is underpinned by empirically researched interventions and tools. I also take into account the evidence you provide and your preferences to inform decision and process.


By mindfully listening, asking unconditionally positive questions and offering sincere encouragement, I facilitate a safe, open space for you. This support leads you to unearth your own answers and connect with inherent, motivational forces, to start taking the right action.


Speaking metaphorically, once the destination has been decided (the goal), It is helpful to chart the course, to celebrate the progress, measure the distance travelled and ultimately the success of the journey.



Art as a concept has changed over centuries, it is open, subjective and debatable. Open to many interpretations, it can simply mean human activity, any set of rules to develop an activity, or human expression of a creative nature.


Associated mainly with the arts, aesthetics are known as the realm of beauty and taste. Philosophically, it is a process that engages the sensorial, emotional and intellectual realms all at once and is the science of how things are known via the senses. Subjective wellbeing, reflective contemplation and pleasure are aspects of aesthetics that are often explored in the sessions.


Can also be known as idea generation or development and often requires thinking outside of the box. We will start by gathering information, resources and documenting as we begin navigating the selection process in order to turn your vision into reality.


"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." - Picasso.


Thinking, talking and writing are good, but if it feels right we can use other means of expression and experimentation to create the clarity and focus for transformation. Being playful can lead to innovation.



Broadly speaking, is a universal human experience that touches us all, includes a sense of connection to something bigger, and involves a search for meaning and purpose.


Intuition in modern terms generally refers to the deepest values and meanings by which people live. Governed by the right hemisphere of the brain it's also associated with creative thought, art, music, senses and emotion. Listening deeply to ourselves is often a faculty we overlook, that can provide a useful insight into decision-making and future orientation.


If you believe you can achieve greater heights, then, the rest of your abilities begin to facilitate your results. Your beliefs and mindset guides you into the future. Developing a mindset that is positive, respectful, with expectations of success, will lead you further to claiming your vision of you and the life that you ultimately want to lead.


+ Nature

It is all around us, but also within us. There is a plethora of evidence that supports the connection with the natural world as being key to our wellbeing. There is also growing evidence that finding peace with our own nature, our rhythms, seasons and cycles can enhance and energize us on many levels.





If you would like to start that conversation, I would love to offer you a complimentary call to see how we might work together.